Tape Resist

P and I had our first successful attempt at Tape Resist art.


Here is how we did it.

First, I tore off several strips of painters tape and stuck them on my jeans. This was a tip I read that should make the tape less sticky and easier to peel off without damaging the paper.


Next, I had P place the pieces of painters tape onto white cardstock paper. You can use any type of paper but the thicker paper should do better.

After that, I put some red paint onto a paper plate and gave P the paint brush to cover the paper as he wanted.


Then, I peeled off the tape and let the paint dry. This part is tricky- you have to be careful not to tear the paper when you are pulling the tape off. I have definitely torn the paper and P didn’t notice, but I try to avoid it.


I drew a candy cane over his paint, cut and voila!


Here is another shot at tape resist we did with the letter H (we are slowly making an alphabet book). I placed the tape this time and use colored printer paper which, you can see, tore more easily.

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