Organizing new toys

Today I finally got the chance to reorganize P’s toys since he got a few additions for Christmas.

I do a toy rotation which keeps me sane and also helps the boys to stay interested in their toys. I noticed early on that the boys lost interest in toys that sat out all of the time. I created my own system that has worked out great. When I rotate the toys, it’s like Christmas! The boys act like the toys are brand new!

After we got new toys for Christmas, I left them all out to let the boys get familiar with them all. Today was the day to clean up, hide and reintroduce some toys.

Here is where I started (this is just the toys in our living room):


I have three large green bins and one yellow tub I use to separate the toys. The large green bins are at the top of P’s closet so he can’t reach them. The yellow tub is in the living room for everyday play.

Here is a pic of the toys after I sorted them:


I have another system for the smaller toys (mostly consisting of cars). I have four smaller boxes that I also rotate out.


Here is what the toys in our living room look like now:


Much better! It seems like the boys give much more attention to their toys when there are fewer to choose from and when they are not always available. I do this rotation randomly. On average about every 2-3 weeks. I just pay attention to how much use the toys have gotten. If we have a week where we are home more often, I may rotate the toys sooner since they are getting more use.

I also have other large toys spread throughout the house in random closets that we sort of rotate, but have no clear system. My dream is to have one large closet to “hide” all of the toys, and where the boys don’t have access to. Maybe have four large shelves and we only pull from one shelf at a time.

Next I plan on doing M’s toys. He pretty much plays with the same things P does, but I am going to put away his “baby” toys and maybe get a smaller tub for some toys that are more for kids his age.

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