Bubble Wrap prints

I found this idea for bubble wrap painting. Since we got a few packages over the holidays, I had a stash of bubble wrap ready to go. This was a quick and easy activity that P was so proud of.

First, I had P pick three colors of paint her wanted to use. I put a dab of each on a plastic lid. Each color had its own brush. You could certainly put all of the colors together and use one brush, you would just have less color variation in the final product.


I cut a piece of bubble wrap about the same size as the paper we were using to print on and taped it to the art table. Then, P got to work painting.


After he was done painting, we put the paper on top of the bubble wrap, pressed over it with our hands, and voila!


*P wanted to make 2 so he could give one to his daddy. The yellow paper was the second print and as you can see, we should have applied more paint before pressing.

I used the print to make the letter “O” for the alphabet book we are working on. I’ll share that later.



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