Sensory bins

I have seen these sensory bins in preschool classes on and several blogs I read. I started this a while back with P and now I have done them with both boys. Here are some of the bins we have done.

First I started off with a large under bed box and filled it with oatmeal (I think I orinigally used a large can of cheap oatmeal, but that was more than enough). i also threw in a few cars and cups and bottles that we either weren’t using or that I saved from recycling. This was an instant hit!


The problem with this one, was the mess. I tried telling him that if the oatmeal got all out of the box, we would clean up. It just wasn’t as much fun playing when you couldn’t make a mess!

So, after some brainstorming, I realized that the sensory bins would be more fun for P and more relaxing for me if they were done outside or in the bathtub (without water).

Here is a bin I did with colored rice (he liked it just as much when we used the original rice, this just added some interest) in the bathtub. I closed the drain and just asked P to keep the rice in the tub.


Here is another bin I did in my shower. M was doing this with P for the first time. I just covered the drain, stripped them down to their diapers and closed the door. M loved it just as much as his big brother! After playing for a while, he tried to eat the oatmeal. Luckily, it was ok for him to eat and after one bite he realized this oatmeal was not fun to eat.

20130117-150127.jpgHere is another bin I have ready to go. I will just have the boys pick a couple of cars to add.


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6 Responses to Sensory bins

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  2. asantb says:

    I love the colored rice! I haven’t seen it done with colored rice. Cute!!

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