To Do Lists

Ever since becoming a mom, my memory is not very reliable. It certainly wasn’t the best before kids, but it’s definitely gotten much worse these days.

I have been using Go Tasks for a while now and it’s a life saver!


I really like having a list and checking it off. It is more motivating for me to complete something. It is also helpful so that I don’t forget anything.

Google tasks syncs between my Gmail account, iPhone and iPad. I can also share it with my hubs (he loves the “honey do” list).

I have all sorts of to do lists going on here. Here is a shot of my lists:


My most used lists are “grocery” and “to do”. Anytime I am in the kitchen or on a walk or anywhere, I can add any items that come to mind so I don’t forget.

When I get to the store, I access my to do list on my phone and check off as I go.


You can also go back and look at the completed or trash tasks. This would be helpful if there was ever a dispute over what was added to the grocery list (not that it ever happens with us).


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