Washing Dishes

This is a great activity for P. He loves “cleaning”. This task keeps him occupied while I do some cleaning of my own.


Today, I plugged the drain in our kitchen sink and filled it with dish soap and water. I added the dish brush, a few dirty dishes straight from the dishwasher and, of course, some cars. Then P got to work!


Another important tool is our beloved, ugly stool. P can stand on it and reach the sink pretty well.


When P was younger, he wanted to help us cook. We would just pull over a chair for him to stand on. That worked, but it was hard for him to get on and it was annoying to keep moving it back and forth. We looked for a stool that would be tall enough for him to reach the counter top and this was the best we could find. Its pretty terrible looking, but so loved by P and more recently, his little brother, M.

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