“Squeezy” Applesauce (or other)

When M was a little under one, I started buying those pouches of baby food to use when we were eating out. Well, P decided they were great, too, so I bought some of the grownup applesauce pouches for him. They could both eat “squeezy” applesauce/yogurt/etc for every meal if I let them. Problem is, they aren’t cheap and seem pretty wasteful.

After looking around a bit, I found the perfect solution, Squooshi. Reusable food pouches that we fill with applesauce, yogurt, smoothies or whatever we are having that day.

Here is a pouch that’s filled with applesauce. You just open the bottom, fill it up, close and serve.


I ordered the large size and wish I had gotten the smaller size. The boys have a hard time squeezing everything out when it gets to the end. My solution was to roll the end and put a clip on it. Not ideal, but it works!


Other than that problem, which is just a personal preference, the Squooshi pouches have been great. Easy to clean; I just rinse them with hot water and soap when the boys finish. They are dishwasher safe, but I have not tried doing that yet.

I wish I could say that I make all of our food from scratch, but the truth is, I don’t. I buy a large jar of applesauce or yogurt that I fill the pouches with. This makes eating more fun for the boys and is less of a mess than a bowl and spoon. Once I graduate Cooking 101, I would like to sneak in some veggies or other purees that the boys aren’t usually as excited to eat.

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