Where it all happens

The boys’ “office” is still very much under construction, but they really like having their own area to work.


We started off with this table that was just a hand me down, wood table (I wish I had a before pic). After seeing this cool chair on Young House Love, I asked my talented husband to spray paint the table yellow. Much better!


Next, Gray hung some wire and clips, similar to this, to display the boys’ art. It’s really stuffed with art right now. I plan on having the boys choose their favorite pieces and switching it out monthly, or something.


Currently, I have most of our suplies stored in two plastic boxes.


I would love to add something that helps the kids have more independence and ownership of their space. Some shelves and baskets at their level with supplies and a tray for paper and coloring books. I like the idea of this space from Modern Parents Messy Kids:

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