The boys and I were playing with Play-doh and I realized we have collected quite a few “tools” that have made Play-doh even more fun.


We added some candles to make birthday cakes and of course a plastic knife and fork for serving and eating.



We also have some plastic cookie cutters that are perfect for making shapes. Googly eyes make everything more fun.



We also have the Melissa and Doug play dough tools, but I think we could take them or leave them.


I recently saw someone use golf tees on Pinterest. If I can convince my father-in-law to send us a few, I am sure that would be fun too.

Rules or Expectations:

M is pretty easily redirected/distracted when we are playing (we’ll see how long this lasts ;)). If he tries to put the play dough in his mouth, I just tell him, “Play dough stays on the table not in your mouth”, and distract him so he forgets to do it again.

With P, he has always needed more specific expectations. When we started using play dough when he was about 1-year-old, I would remind him that play dough stays on the table. If he tried to put it in his mouth (or get up and put the play dough somewhere else), I would remind him that play dough stays on the table and that if he forgets, we would clean up and try again another time. Sure enough, he would put it in his mouth, I would tell him we had to clean up and he would get very upset. However, the next time we played, after the first warning, he knew I was more serious and was more reluctant to do so. After a while, it was rarely an issue. He has started playing with play dough more often and has decided to make sure the same rules apply by licking or eating the play dough (why is it so enticing!?). Today, he did the same thing and after the second time, we cleaned up. I hate to be so strict with something that’s supposed to be fun and creative, but he really is happier with clear boundaries.

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