Favorite Toys

Since I can remember, P has been into anything with wheels. Cars, trucks, trains, you name it. M likes anything his brother likes.

P went through a Thomas phase. Thanks to my husband’s old Brio set and generous grandparents adding trains from Thomas, we have quite the collection. Currently, he is into the Cars movie cars.


I love these “My Busy Books” (you can get them at Target or Costco) and think they will be my go to gift for 2 or 3-year-old boys. In the back, they have a large play mat and 12 cars or trains. They don’t take up a lot of space and are better on the wallet than the real thing.


Here are some other cars/trucks that have been favorites:

Tonka Garbage Truck


Tonka Dump Truck


It is steel so it seems more realistic. Here is a similar.

The boys also love music. We have regular dance parties and are taking a Music Together class. These are some music related toys that have been well-loved:

M got this Rocktivity Music Table for his 1st birthday. Both boys love it. It would have also been great before he was 1 because you can take off the legs to play on the floor.


P got this Woofer guitar for Christmas. He loves it, but it’s pretty annoying.


I think the classic “Cars” guitar is just as well liked and much more pleasant for the adults.


M got this B. Parum Pum Pum Drum Drum kit for Christmas. I love B. toys; we have a ton and almost all of them are favorites.

If you know us, you know we are outside playing almost every single day. We have some great ride on toys that have been used over and over.

M got this push buggy for his 1st birthday and all of the big kids were fighting over it. After they realized that someone has to push you, they don’t ride as often, but they will sometimes push each other. M could ride this all day.


P got this Cozy Coupe for his first Christmas and it is still used on a daily basis by both boys. There is a bottom, for the younger kids, so that someone can push you. For the older kids, you take out the bottom and they move themselves Fred Flintstone style.


The plasma car, aka “Gigi’s car”, is another one that is fun for any age.


Lastly, is the cardboard playhouse, or “Mouse House” as we call it, that Aunt Lacey and Uncle Chris sent the boys for Christmas. It comes with markers to give the house your own style. The best part is that you can fold it up and put it away when it loses interest. The boys haven’t been playing in it as often, so it is taking a break in the garage and will be great to bring back on a rainy day.


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