Kool-Aid Colored Rice

We have some colored rice we did a while back with food coloring, but when I saw this post on using Kool-Aid, we had to give it a try. We decided to make it for one of P’s friends, but doubled it so we could have some too.

We went to Walmart and got the supplies. It was about $5 and we had more than enough for 2 sets. Well worth the money spent. We bought a 5 lb bag of rice, 4 packets of kool-aid, rubbing alcohol and a plastic container. We got red, purple, orange and yellow kool-aid. If you look at the cup the kool-aid man is holding, that is the color that the rice will turn. Yellow flopped, probably because it was too light, so we got some blue instead. I meant to use pasta instead of rice, but totally forgot. We will have to do that another time.


We put 2 cups of rice in a gallon ziploc bag (remember we did enough for 2; 1 cup would be plenty for 1 set). Then we added 2 tsp. rubbing alcohol and the pack of Kool-Aid. P was able to help me measure and dump. Then, I zipped the bag and both boys shook and smushed.


After the colored was pretty evenly distributed, we let the rice sit in the bag for about 15 minutes.


Then, I made 4 sections of aluminum foil on top of a cookie sheet and poured each bag of rice separately onto the foil to dry out. We left it over night. The colors are much brighter than the rice we colored with food coloring, and it smells great!


Here is the Easter sensory bin we made for P’s friend:


Here are the 2 I prepared for the boys using some Easter stuff we have from last year:


I ended up adding an old egg carton to fill with eggs and rice.


I decided to get out of my comfort zone, not worry about rice getting all over the house and let the boys play in the kitchen. I put a large shower curtain I had from teaching (a big towel would work fine) under the boy’s table. M sat on the floor and P sat at the table and had a blast. I had to help M keep the rice somewhat contained, but the mess wasn’t too bad once I picked up the shower curtain.



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