P and I recently started working on a circle book. He is really proud of it and I feel like he’s got the circle shape down. Since the circle, we have covered square, rectangle and triangle.

Here’s what we did for the circle. First, I drew a circle on a piece of paper and gave him circle stickers (the colored dot stickers for the office) to stick around the circle.


Next, we read Shapes, Shapes, Shapes, by Tana Hoban. P and I picked out all of the circles we could find on each page.

Then, we went on a circle hunt around our house. We gathered a bunch of items and I let P take a picture of each one with my phone. I (ok, my husband) put all of the pics on one page that we printed for our book.


For our last page, I drew another circle on a piece of paper. I held P’s hand and we traced the circle together. As we traced, I was saying “a circle goes around and around”. Next, I had him trace the circle on his own. Finally, he drew a circle on a new paper without my help.



I told P that a triangle has 3 sides. We practiced making triangles with our fingers.


Also, we went back through the shapes book and found triangles.

We did some tape resist paintings on a paper bag for triangle and square.


It’s still hard for P to remember the difference between square and rectangle, but I just remind him that a square has 4 sides that are the same. A rectangle has two long sides and two short sides.

Here is a square picture where P used a square potato stamp to cover the edge of the square.


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