How I Made the Behavior Coin Chart

Finally getting around to posting how I made our coin chart. I didn’t take pictures so hopefully my explanation is clear.


First, I took a piece of white cardstock. I added green construction paper (green is P’s favorite color) with 10 dot stickers for each happy face. I also added a square for our goal.  I got this piece laminated.

Then, P and I sat down and I asked him what pictures or things he would like on his chart. We just did a google image search to find the correct ones. I printed, cut and pasted to green construction paper. Each of these coins were laminated.

Office Max is the cheapest I have found, but if you are just laminating these things, it should be pretty reasonable.

I put velcro dots on each coin. I use a permanent marker to write on our chart. When the chart is complete, I erase all of the marker with nail polish remover and start over with a new goal.

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One Response to How I Made the Behavior Coin Chart

  1. Tanya says:

    Does the nail polish remover ruin the laminate?

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