Easter Activities

This morning, the boys were up and ready to go early, so, by 9am, it felt like it should be noon! We decided to have a midday Easter Egg bath. Lots of fun! I think we will be doing this well past Easter.


We also tried tape resist Easter eggs with wet sidewalk chalk. It didn’t turn out like I had seen, but it was still fun. I think that the boys need more fine motor strength to press the chalk down and cover much space on the paper. I did a little coloring myself just to see how it would look.



The other day, we painted Easter bunnies using marshmallows dipped in paint. I poured a ton of white paint on a plastic lid and it turns out it was not a good idea. I wiped it off so there was just a thin layer of paint covering the lid and that was key. Quick and fun- just the right kind of art to interest my boys.



Some other egg activities:

Egg Toss- We put an easter basket in the grass outside and tried to throw eggs into it.

Practice egg hunt- P and his friend took turns hiding and finding eggs.

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