Dyeing Easter Eggs

I am leaving the boys this weekend to go to my cousins wedding, so I wanted to do a little egg dyeing before I left. Also, the boys have been sick so we are house bound and looking for things to do. Perfect time to do a little egg dye experimenting.

First, I had to boil the eggs. I am a rookie in the kitchen so I followed this and got some good practice.

I saw this post on painting eggs with watercolor and thought this would be a good way to get the boys more involved in decorating the eggs. They did one egg each since this was just a practice run.

The boys picked blue and green food coloring. I put 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tsp vinegar in a bowl. P added drops of food coloring until it was the color he wanted.


Then, I held the egg and the boys used one of the magic crayons from our Paas egg dyeing kit to draw on the egg. I had to hold M’s hand to draw on his egg.


After that, I gave the boys the bowl of watercolor, a paintbrush and let them get to work. I wished we had more eggs because they were really into it!



I put one of the eggs into the bowl of watercolor and let it sit for a while just to see what it would look like. Here it is much darker.


I would definitely recommend the watercolors for dyeing eggs with young children!

I did two more eggs on my own, but the boys turned out much prettier (I figured that would happen!).

I tried doing the ombre dye on one egg. I should have done this when the boys were asleep because I wasn’t focusing on how long I left the egg. Plus, I needed to be more careful about the position of the egg in the dye; it kept falling and changing the lines.

On the last egg I wanted to make a monogram. I didn’t have any letter shaped stickers, so I just cut an M and P out of some stickers I did have. Not sure how this turned out so poorly.


I’m sure the boys will turn out the best eggs this weekend while I am out of town! Here’s our final product!


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