Art Supplies

A lot of my posts have been on art projects that I have had a large hand in planning and prepping. I think the boys really enjoy seeing the final product.

However, from my teaching experience, I know that the process is more important than the product. That’s why the boys have ample opportunity to have full control of their art projects. Most of the time, these are the projects that hold their attention longer (Kids typically like things when it’s their idea; adults too!).

I thought I’d share the supplies we use and the boys’ favorites too.

I just found this Kid Made Modern pad of construction paper at Target. It has many pages of every color, along with glittered pages, dots, and other patterns.

We have these boxes from Ikea to hold crayons and markers. I don’t have a preference on brand of crayons and markers, but we usually use crayola washable.



The dot markers are a favorite of both boys. They are easy for M to grip and P can cover a page with dots. We have the washable dot markers, but they do stain their hands for a little while after washing.


I got these paints back in January and feel like they were totally worth the cost. The brand is much cheaper than other similar paints so even with the cost of shipping, they were a good deal (I also found a few other things to order with them).We use these all of the time!

We have the Melissa and Doug paint brushes which we also use often.

I love these funky paint brushes. They are good for painting larger pictures or just to change it up a bit. We made these paper bag tape resist pictures with the brushes.



Here are a couple of others on our my wish list that I think the boys would enjoy:

Stamps- We have a few we’ve gotten from one place or another, but the boys love stamping! I think the handle makes it easier for younger kids to hold; I would try these.

Also, the self ink stamps are less mess and pretty cheap.

We don’t have room for something like this right now, but it would be fun for the boys to have an easel to create their masterpieces!

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