One of those days

Sometimes, we have one of those days. You know, nothing planned, a rainy, cold or hot day and stir crazy boys who need some entertainment.

Yesterday and today, we have had unusually rainy days in Austin. While we need the rain and are thankful for it, we needed to get out of the house!

Thankfully, we have come up with some free outings that entertain everyone.

We go to Petsmart often to look at all of the animals. It’s like a free, indoor zoo. The boys especially like seeing the dogs being groomed.


We love books, so naturally, book stores are always a good time. Barnes and Noble always has a good kids area and the one by us has a train table with trains. We are lucky to have Book People in Austin and could go daily. It has great books, a tunnel for the kids to climb through, and lots of toys/hats/glasses, etc. for play. The store is really kid friendly and the staff doesn’t seem to mind kids playing, pulling down tons of books or staying for long periods of time. They also have a good story time but it typically gets pretty crowded. Our neighborhood library has story time twice a week, but the boys also like going there to read and checkout books. We go almost once a week.


Last winter and spring, when I had a young baby and a busy 2-year-old, we often went on truck hunts to fill the lovely “witching hour”. I would put the boys in the car, give P a snack, and bring a snack or drink for myself. Sometimes, we would stop for a treat at the drive thru. Then we would drive around and look for trucks! There was a bunch of construction going on near our house, so I could usually park nearby and the boys could watch the trucks work. Mainly, P would watch, M would sleep and mommy would get a little break. This is still fun to do, but we don’t do it often enough.


Even though this isn’t out of the house, a living room dance party is almost always sure to liven the mood! If we had time, we would have one daily! We use Pandora, Rdio (my husband has a subscription to listen to while he works), Youtube, or the music channels that come with our cable.


Gangnam Style!

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