Gelatin Cups

I have been reading the blog, Fun at Home with Kids and have gotten some great ideas.

This week we tried their idea on “Gelatin Play” and made our own gelatin cups. We often make cups of ice (I will share this soon) and this looked similar, but using gelatin was a first for us. This was right up our alley and an instant hit!

We used the same ingredients they suggested and I would also recommend doing it this way. Jello would have worked too, but the sugary mess didn’t sound fun to me.

  • unflavored gelatin
  • frosting creations (for color); we used green
  • 4 plastic cups
  • small toys to “fish” out of the gelatin
  • cooking spray


We used 2 packs of the Gelatin. This called for 2 cups of boiling water. We just zapped the water in the microwave for about 1 minute to avoid boiling on the stove (we weren’t eating this, so I figured this shortcut was ok).


With a little assistance, P was able to add the hot water, 2 packets of Gelatin, about 1/2 packet of Frosting Creations and stir it all together.


Next, the boys chose the items to put in the cups. We had some plastic insects and small cars that fit about 3-4 to a cup.

**We sprayed the cups with cooking spray so the gelatin wouldn’t stick to the cup. Worked great!


After filling the cups about 3/4 of the way, we put them in the fridge overnight.



I gave each kid a cup, plate and spoon and let them figure out what they want to do. Thanks to the cooking spray, the gelatin slid right out of the cup.






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4 Responses to Gelatin Cups

  1. A Citro says:

    Cooking spray! GENIUS! Thank you for solving that problem!!! So glad you guys enjoyed it and those sure are some cute kiddos! 🙂 Thank you for the link love!!!

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