We’ve done a couple of updates around here. We went to Ikea recently and bought some things I have been wanting to get.

We got a new stool for the boys! The black stool we have used is a total eyesore and I have been looking for a stool tall enough to help the boys reach the top of the counter. When I saw this painted Bekvam stool on Pinterest, I was thrilled to find that the stool was even taller than the one we had. P picked green paint for our stool. We used Valspar spray paint (paint + primer in one) which made the job super easy!


I have been wanting to add some things to the boys’ “office” for a while. We bought the Lack wall shelf in green (clearly green is P’s favorite color) and it was on sale! We got 4 white boxes to store supplies.


We bought a hanging rail and some buckets to store crayons, markers and such within the boys’ reach. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the buckets we chose, so we will have to find something else next time.


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