Mother’s Day

We made mother’s day cards for the boys’ grandmothers today.


I just keep going back to tape resist painting. It’s a favorite and it turns out so well! After seeing this post from Modern Parents Messy Kids (a favorite blog of mine), we tried something similar using shapes that P was learning about.


Today, I started with a piece of cardstock and tape. We have used painters tape in the past, but we have recently gotten some washi tape that we have been using (it’s from Target; they call it printed paper tape).


It worked just as well as the painters tape and was cheaper. I didn’t do a good job of making sure it wasn’t too sticky. After we did these and they had some tears, I played around with the tape and I learned that sticking and unsticking the tape a few times on my jeans was the best way to do that.

I used the tape to form letters for “Mare” (one grandmother name) and “love” (for the other grandmother).


We used the paint and brushes that I shared in the Art Supplies post. I put about 4 dabs of paint on each paper and let the boys do their thing.




As soon as they were finished painting, I carefully pulled the tape off before it had time to dry.


I think the grandmothers will be thrilled with their cards!

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