Water Table

My parents bought this Pirate Ship Water Table for P when he was 1. It was the perfect grandparent purchase and we love it!

However, if I was the one buying, I would have probably chosen a more simple (read: cheaper) table like this one.

We have spent a ton of time using the water table. There are many things you can use it for in addition to water. We didn’t put the pirate ship away until late November last year and probably could use it year round here in Texas. Here are some ways that we have used it.

Obviously, water is a favorite. No matter how many times we fill the ship with water, it is still fun!



Another we recently tried was bubbles. We just squirted some dish soap in the bottom before we filled it with water. We also added some food coloring which I don’t think was necessary. Bubbles were a hit. It quickly turned into a car/toy wash!



Here is shaving cream. Similar to the bubbles.


We have also filled the ship with some of our sensory bin materials when it’s not as hot outside. Oatmeal, rice and beans.


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