Boys Can Have Tea Parties Too!

P is in love with “the girls” from Ellen, Sophia Grace and Rosie. He loves watching them sing. They have frequent tea parties where they interview celebrities.

I have been wanting to have a tea party with the boys, but after searching, it is clear that most tea sets are made with girls in mind. When I saw this Lemonade Set, I thought it would be perfect for our Backyard Tea Party.

For snack time this morning, I told the boys about our tea party. They were thrilled! We put out their snacks on a paper plate, filled the pitcher with water and started the party.


The boys usually drink out of sippy cups or cups with lids, so drinking out of a regular cup was fun in and of itself.



We hadn’t made any ice before hand (plus, it looked like that tiny ice tray would be difficult to get the ice out of), but we had some leftover heart shaped ice from our Ikea ice cube trays, so we used that to chill our “tea”.


After a while, the boys remembered they were boys and turned this tea party around.

M started blowing bubbles in his cup (we have been doing lots of bubble blowing in the pool), drenching himself.


Which gave P the idea to fill the cups and splash water on each other.




All in all, our tea party was a success. I’m not sure we are quite ready for tea with the Queen, but we sure had fun!

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