Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

PBS KIDS is the best thing that’s happened to tv for young kids. That’s pretty much the only tv the boys watch. I don’t have to worry about what they are seeing, there are no commercials during the show, and they can usually learn a little something.

We recently discovered Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The boys are hooked and I am all about it! Daniel Tiger is one of the puppets from Mister Rogers. The show is about Daniel and his life from the preschool perspective. Every show has a theme and a catchy tune to teach a lesson on social skills for preschoolers.

Each show tends to address something we are currently dealing with. We end up with the episode’s tune stuck in our head for the rest of the day. The good part about that is that P remembers them too and we can use them when we are going through a challenge.

Here are some of the recurring lessons going on around the Luckett House:

“Use your words.”

When P gets upset lately, he screams. It’s really not a pleasant sound and clearly not effective in getting what you want. We are constantly saying, “use your words”. In the episode,  “Daniel Uses His Words”, Daniel gets upset while playing with a friend and learns to “use his words” to deal with his problem.

“See what it is. You might feel better.”

In the past few months, P has gotten very afraid of the dark (along with pretty much everything else). I’m sure it’s partly a stall tactic to stay up late, but he will cry out in the middle of the night with some scary thing in his room. Namely, the airplanes that his dad painted on the walls of his big boy room. In the episode, “Daniel’s Sleepover“, Daniel and Prince Wednesday are scared of a lump they see on the bed which ends up being a stuffed animal under the covers. They learn, “see what it is, you might feel better”.

“Close your eyes and think of something happy!”

In the episode, “Daniel Gets a Shot“, Daniel learned to “close your eyes and think of something happy”. We haven’t had shots lately, but this was another one that helped with the nighttime fears. We talked to P about things that make him happy. When he is scared and trying to go to sleep he can “close his eyes and think of something happy”.

Those are probably the most helpful lessons for what we have struggled with lately, but every show we have seen has been something we have dealt with at one time or another. I definitely recommend this show!

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