I made the unfortunate mistake of introducing P to the iPhone at an early age. It can be a great tool, but he would stay on the iPhone or iPad all day if I let him. We started having him earn his iPad time by having good behavior for the day.

I tried not to introduce the iPad and iPhone to M, but it’s almost like he knew how to unlock the screen instinctively. Plus, he has seen his brother get sucked in by it.

Anyway, we have found some apps that provide quality entertainment and/or education that I feel like are a good use of their time. Plus, they are a great distraction when traveling, out to eat or when Mama just needs a break!

For the 1 year old group:

Peekaboo Barn

You touch the barn to open and close the doors which reveal an animal and it’s name and sound.


Sound Touch

There are several categories to choose from including animals, vehicles, instruments and household items. Each category has animated pictures you can touch to reveal a real life picture and sound of the object.

20130807-140519.jpg 20130807-140508.jpg

Wheels on the Bus by Duck Duck Moose

Most of the apps by Duck Duck Moose are great, but this is a favorite for M and seems the most appropriate for his age/skill. It has pictures of the Wheels on the Bus song that you can touch to move objects or make sounds.


For the 2-4 year old group:


I have shared our love for PBS and this FREE app is no exception. Clips of all of our favorite shows!


Toca Band

We also love many of the Toca Boca apps. Toca Band is probably our favorite since the boys are so into music. You choose characters to make a band with different sounds and rhythm.


Bonus App:


We bought this one when P was little so we didn’t have to drag his sound machine with us when traveling. Now we have the app on an old iPhone so we can plug it in when the boys are napping on trips.

20130807-141056.jpg 20130807-141103.jpg

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