Quick Behavior Chart

I have shared our daily coin chart which we use for all positive/negative behaviors on a daily basis. I have been using a modified version of this which I will share another time.

However, there are still some specific/persistent behaviors that I have to address that don’t fall under the day-to-day stuff. For that, I have a quick behavior chart that takes me no time to make and no time to keep up with. I use some modified version of this for all different types of things.

For a while now, we have been dealing with some tummy troubles with P. After many visits/phone calls to the doctor I feel like we are getting things under control. We saw a new GI today (who I would highly recommend to anyone going through these issues!) and he said it would be a good time to get P back on the potty. Right now, we are just trying to get him to sit on the potty for 3 minutes after meals.

I made this quick chart to track his success and hung it right by his potty seat.


Each time he sits on the potty for 3 minutes, he gets to choose a car sticker to add to the chart. This is his immediate reward.


Once he sits on the potty 10 times, he earns ice cream (he chose this reward). This is the long-term goal and reward.

There are lots of possibilities for using this chart with other behaviors. Here are just a few ideas:

Staying in bed all night

Using kind words with a sibling/friend

Keeping underwear dry for a specified amount of time

Using words when upset (instead of whining or crying)


With these types of behavior charts, I start off with an easily obtainable goal, then work up to something more challenging. For example, you may start with earning a sticker when underwear is dry for 20 min. Once they have done that successfully 10 times, you can change the expectation to staying dry for 1 hour, etc. For sharing, it may be, “Each time you share, you earn a sticker; after 5 stickers you earn your reward. The following chart, you may have to share 10 times to earn the reward”.

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