Protecting your technology

I’ve mentioned before how much my boys love technology. Specifically, the iPad and iPhone. After some random Facebook posts and phone calls to people I don’t regularly call, I learned some tricks to protect my stuff from curious little ones.

  •  I always have the Delete Apps and In-App Purchases buttons off. I can easily change this if I actually need to delete an app.


  • When I willingly turn over my phone, I turn Airplane Mode on. This prevents most of the problems.


  • Guided Access

I learned about this with one of the kids I work with. He is non verbal and uses a communication app on his iPad mini. When he was learning how to use it, he would often swipe and not be able to find his way back to the app. Enter, Guided Access. This prevents him from leaving the app and getting off task.

M is at the touch happy age where he touches everything he sees and not necessarily where he wants to be. I can put the Guided Access on when he is in an app and he has to stay there. This prevents frustration on both our parts.

Here are the directions for turning on Guided Access. I set my passcode as 1234 (don’t tell my kids) so that it is easy to remember and quick to turn off/on. All you do is push the home button 3 times, enter your passcode and you can turn off Guided Access.


  • Use our old phones.

We have upgraded our phones, so my husband and I both have an old iPhone. We decided not to donate or sell them in case our current phones get broken or lost. We can use our old phone if it doesn’t make sense to buy a new one.

Also, we use the apps that don’t require service. I mentioned before that we use the Ambiance app for a sleep machine when we travel. We also still have the kids apps on the phones that they can use without worry.

I recently saw that you can use your old iPhone as iPod touch by switching your SIM card. Haven’t done that, but it may be something I will want to do in the future.

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  1. Jan Dickerson says:

    Love this!!   Jan Dickerson


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