Halloween Art


We have been anxiously getting ready for Halloween around here. I am not a big Halloween person, but it’s fun to see the boys’ excitement. We have done a couple of quick and easy art activities while we wait for the big day.

Fingerprint Spiders

I used a black ink pad for the finger prints. I had a wipe right there so I could quickly clean off black fingers and avoid fingerprints on furniture. I let P stamp his finger on his own (M needed some help). After I showed them how to add 8 legs, I gave them a black pen and let them draw their own.



Jack-O-Lantern Collages

I precut and gathered supplies for this beforehand. I had 2 options for each part of the Jack o’ Lantern for the boys to choose from. I had to help put the glue on some of the pieces, but I tried to do as little as possible. They are so much better when the kids do everything themselves!

Some of the supplies I had for them to choose from:



Googly eyes

Parts precut from a magazine

Dot markers

Pipe Cleaners


Painting Webs and Spiders

For the spider webs, I took a plastic box and taped a piece of paper to the bottom. Then I squirted white paint all over.


We put a golf ball in and I let the boys shake it all around. Next time I think I would use a smaller ball/marble.



Then, I painted the boys’ hands with black paint (other colors didn’t show up) and made overlapping prints for the spider. The boys picked googly eyes to glue on.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of the final product (we sent it to a relative). The picture below is from Happy Hooligans.

Halloween I Spy

This last one is not exactly art, but related. P loves I Spy books. We have I Spy a Skeleton which he loves.


When I saw this activity, I figured he would love it too. I printed the picture and taped it inside a ziploc bag. A sheet protector would have worked too, but I didn’t have one. Then, I printed another sheet, cut out the pictures and put some double sided tape on the backs. I only cut about 10 at a time because I think that was plenty for P to do. I figure we can cut more when he is interested.


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